Time wasters for April 2011

Something a little strange here WTF?
Bullwinkle takes a hike Check it out
Woman escapes dog attack and gets shot by police
No Surround Sound Britains Oldest Working TV
Get off My turn to ride
Retired Playboy Bunnies Arrive for Easter Weekend
Are you a man of the kitchen? Or Not
Cats that look like Hitler
Are you feeling depressed? Better to seek help before hitting this level
Great News for the Older People that text Senior Texting Codes
Out of my way! Got to get my Mega Million Ticket
Did you get the memo from the school? Eigth Grader pulls off sex prank
Doesn't get any cooler than this Women go shopping in underwear
The subways are really getting crowded these days Check it out
When Bananas Go Bananas
Take your ticket when entering the parking lot Why won't you just take it?
Can you say MILF? Woman holds record for the most plastic surgery
We're out of beer How do you know, you didn't even open the frig
That chick was so hot She smelled like bacon
Things you can do if you are bored All you need is a couple of flies
Cool Story of the Day: Cat and Dolphin BFF
This guy thinks he's pulling a funny prank But who gets the last laugh?
Breaking News: Drinking gives you the same benefits that yoga does
I stole your credit card thnx for ur money
Robo Cop shot by naked man
What would you do if you bought a church? Convert it into a home
Is there a proper way to hold a big stuffed bear and a microphone?
I like hanging out with people shorter than myself Check out my new bro
What's the deal You afraid of ghosts?
This vacuum is so powerful It can suck up a whole rug
Why is farting so funny? When you're in New York
Excuse me you dropped your thong Dude,what happened to the hot chick?
Check it out tonight All three full moons line up
OMG kitty porn
Check out the Cingino Dam in Italy What's all those spots on the dam?
I'm really not in the mood Boy rejects girls advances and gets his ass kicked
Feeling Depressed, you may be after this Epic Beer Spill
What do you get when you eat Beans, Broccoli and Crab Cakes
You still want to buy the couch? There was a little leakage on it last night
Just hanging with my Bros Couch Airbag Prank
Cool Costume How did you get that little hat to stick on your head
Make sure you really hit the lottery before doing anything you may regret

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