Time wasters for August 2010

Check out those two hotties
Spring Break Mishap

Don't try this at home
Firefighting demonstration gone bad

This guy is lucky to survive
Horrific crash on I-675 caught on tape

Bull Fights are cool
until the Bull charges the crowd

Time for a song break
Cockatiel Spike sings tequila

Granny takes her driving test today
I think she failed

Girl really enjoys the ride
She actually gets off on it

This is why you shouldn't go swimming during a storm
Lightning Strike

Watch out Jaywalker!
Man gets hit by cyclist

What would you do if you hit the lottery?
Mega Millions Lotto Fail

Another Dropped Call
Funny at&t Spoof

If you don't like the way I drive
Stay off of the Sidewalk

This could be the coolest job on the planet
Hypnotist gets you an orgasm

Grab the umbrella we have to go - I think we need a boat

El Camino del Rey located in Spain - The most dangerous walkway in the world. 3 ft wide, 2300 feet up pinned on the mountain and no railings

No McNuggets, No Way - Now I'm just pissed off

If I can't win in the ring - I'll just take it out on the audience

I don't know why he swallowed the fly - Reporter bugs out

Surfs Up - World's biggest wave ever surfed

Some Good Advise - Keep your condoms in the car

Order in the court - Crazy Courtroom Fight

Heh, Heh, Heh...He said Blow Job - Jennifer Lopez News Report Blooper

3 Hot Chicks and me in the Hot Tub, Life is Great - WTF, I'm out of here

NY Limo Chase - Speeds up to 150mph

That Ice Sculpture is amazing - I can destroy it in under 10 seconds


This road contractor should have used spell check
typo in street outside of school

What else can you say about this one?
Weirdest Family Photo Ever

They say guys get a little silly
What about the women?

Good News Kids, you can sleep a little longer on school days
When you are taking the new yellow bus

Just Hanging out and watching some tv
One cool Bull dog

Guy freaks out
He wants a cheeseburger

Head on over to McDonald's
If you need any guns or weed

If it was only that easy
The perfect wife

What's up with Barney?
Come on kids time to go home

There's way too many keys on a keboard
The Man's Keyboard

Sometimes you just want to forget
Memories can't be forgotten

Tongue Twister of the Day
Pheasant Plucker

The remote has been around for a long time
World's Oldest Remote Control

Best Paint Job Ever on a Bus
Check it out

Going to the Beach
Bring the sunscreen

Who's your new boyfriend?
31 year old woman posed as boy to be with 16 year old girl

Like eating breakfast at the computer?
Get yourself one of these

Hang out with the fish while you wash up
Aquarium Sink

Can you swim across the pool under water?
World's Largest Pool

Only in Japan
Strawberry Cheetos

Try a PMS Cola

Rumors in the Office Place
This is how they get started

Dr. Laura's N-Word Rant To Black Woman
Check it out for yourself

How would you like to go out drinking with this girl?
She is known as the Crusher

Yahoo censors some of the pictures
Any reflection on the car doesn't count

Ring a Ding...Is that the sound of the Ice Cream Truck?
I'll just dance in the street while I'm waiting

Looking for that perfect present
Man 's Dream Remote

Looking for an awesome place to swim, it's kind of far to get there
You might want to head over to the Devils Pool

I really have to take a dump
Maybe I will just hold it

Some people think they know everything
Take this short quiz to find out if you do

Are these people News Anchors
or Rapists

For all you KISS Fans
Check out this guys cool and weird makeup

How many people want a Hot Dog?
No Problem I got it covered

PMS is nothing new
It's been around for a while, check out the first case of PMS

Why's it funny when somebody falls down
Even funnier when it's your fat boss falling off his chair

I want to make an appointment for a Hand Job
Sorry We just do Nails

Hey Punks you aint going to steal Granny's car!
OOPS That's not my car

Pull my finger, ha ha heh heh....that was so funny
Dude that sounded wet

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