Time wasters for August 2011

Pregnant Belly Painting check it out
Bull semen spill causes scare closes highway in Nashville
Bridesmaid attends wedding over the ipad
Need a hand with your iphone got you covered
What's the fastest way to drink a 40oz We are going to show you
Kid leaves Dog Carrying Heartbreaking note Got to check this one out
LOL with a side salad
I think this is the big one! Angler accidentally catches scuba diver by crotch
Stop, Drop, and Roll World Record 1500+ People
Back to School Fail WTF
Hyundai Veloster Banned Dutch Ad
Some of the Craziest Mugshots ever Take a Look
Man drives with no brakes Trys to stop car with feet and fails
Mobile Phone For Seniors
Drivers see baby in truck bed, call police It's not like they give you a handbook on kids
Terrifying gas station crash Caught on Camera
Awesome Wall of Air Conditioners check it out
Another Wardrobe Malfuntion Kelly Rowland Nipple Slip Pictures
Incredible, Hot chick moves the twins without even touching them
Ever wonder what the largest box of doughnuts would look like? I'll show you anyway
Do you like planes and beaches? Then you will love Maho Beach
Taco Bell Worker Handcuffs himself to girl that rejected him
The World's Fastest Guitar player Check it out for yourself
Remember i before e when getting a tattoo
What do you get when you add a camera phone and a mirror? Sexy Photos
Dog doesn't like getting flipped off
Long lines at the Porta John why wait
Dog tucks himself in time for a nap
Gotta check this one out, face appears in the cloud but who is it?
Man accidentally proposes on live TV
Nothing gets you pumped like the Pussy Energy Drink
Bridge of Norway Leads you to the edge
Horse with moustache has no plans to shave it off
Paging Dr. Frankenstein The new chief medical officer
Truck does 375 mph 12000 horsepower
Kick back and Waste some time in NYC Back Yard Time Share for only $50 hour
Woman kicked out of Walmart for wearing bikini
Casey Anthony Spotted shopping in Ohio
Remember DB Cooper-hijacked a plane and parachuted away with $200,000 New Lead
Mysterious Underground Chambers more than 700 curious tunnel networks in Bavaria
New Zealand goldfish survive 134 days without food
Flintstone Mobile For Sale
Hot chick with nice pussy Sure you had to check this one out

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