Time wasters for December 2010

What would soup look like after 2400 years? Check it out

Back in 2003 a Houston doctor was decapitated by an elevator. Did this really happen?

Do you count calories during the Holiday season? This woman does...all 30,000 of them

Is it possible to use a tree branch as a spare tire? Check it out for yourself

No time for foreplay Speed Mating

Especially in December,gift wrap your member Condom Slogans

Ever want to invent something Check out these inventions from the past

Hilarious Newspaper Mistakes and Apology Notes

How exciting is this? You can now watch the Yule Log in 3D

I just had sex New single from Lonely Island

I don't remember ever using this line Have sex with me on a sacred site or you will die

Taking your child for a bike ride? Always make sure they are strapped in the child seat

It's the end of the world as we know it Looks like it is really coming in 2012

Burping Girl Check it out

Just Google it All Praise To The Google!!

Parrot goes Metal Sings Drowning Pool's Bodies

Time to get a massage Big Boner Prank

Some airport security humor Check out this comic

What can you do about an uncooperative eBay buyer? Check out what this person did?

Thinking about writing a Divorce Letter? Greatest Divorce Letter Ever Written

Yeah we hit the lottery for 8 milion! We better put it in the safe to be safe

Is it an Illusion? Or your mind playing tricks on you?

I feel much safer using the Valet Parking at the Hotel They take special care of my car

Falling snow from the roof, sure thanks for the warning. WTF, what's that noise?

You knew it was coming, well here it is! Miss TSA Calendar

Reporter shows how easy it is to break into a vehicle Or is it?

I'm tired of paying these tolls If I don't go through it, then I will have to go over it

Who just yawned, I want to know now! Professor freaks out at students

Heads Up Toilet Prank

News Team Too Busy Twittering No time to report the shooting rampage

And now for the News Watch me trip on live TV

First the iphone Now Apple has a vibrator

This is a library, no surfing porn It won't go away

Don't try this at home Roof Bungee

Holy Shit, It's Bigfoot Tallest Woman in Germany

This is one lucky guy Man dragged from train track just as train arrived

Some people have all the luck Snow leads to Pub Lock-In

Mini Golf is a dangerous game Only for the girl riding a bike close by

Joe, your 10:30 appointment is here Barber keeps cutting after SUV Crashed

We have a Securtiy Guard at the store Watch him in action

Take a bow There goes the rug

This is a serious News Story The Mug Shot is the problem

Calling all Turkeys Local Morning Show BJ

If I was richer I'd still be with ya F*ck You-Song by Cee Lo Green (Foul Language Alert)

Why aren't you at your Anger Management Class? Worst Office Freak Out Ever

Woman goes Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs in Elevator Caught on Security Camera

You ever have company that just doesn't want to leave?
The Closing Song by Red Peters (Foul Language Alert)

The 12 Dogs of Christmas Singing Live from the North Pole

Smile for the camera Woman Caught On Tape Stuffing Fur Coat Down Pants

BEST FAILS OF 2010 - Really Funny Stuff - Part 1 | Part 2

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, New York City -LIVE WEB CAM

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