Time wasters for December 2011
Dude, Awesome Christmas Tree Why did the cops take it?
Dear Mom...met a new girl over the Holiday Weekend. You are going to love her!
Christmas Cake celebrates 100 years
Watch out they are out of control Old Geezers Gone Wild
Baby Jesus explodes in robbers hands Have you seen the red handed robbers?
Justice Served! Man dies Raping Woman
The world's longest straight staircase 699 steps
Couple caught performing the Horizontal Polka NEWS STORY| UNSENSORED VIDEO
What men really want under the tree this year Hot for the Holidays
Crazy pregnant scam in the UK Check it out
What would a Christmas tree look like in Tokyo? If you guessed Godzilla you win
Woman going for worlds record for the longest hair
Can't compete with your neighbor's Holiday Decorations Do what this guy did
Canada has the scariest commercials Check them out
Stuntman balances on his head On top of a Spike
Awesome Chewing Gum Wall In California
Zebra yelling like a human Check it out :--)
The World's oldest Dog Dies at 26 years old
Not a good way to end your night Drive rams into the Booze it or Lose it unit
Bump and Grind On top of the water slide
Most Arousing Weather Map White stuff on the way
Thinking of going back to school? The worlds first sex school
Cheat on a tattoo artist and guess what happens check it out
Who wants one of these for Christmas? Lifelike Japanese Robot Girlfriend

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