Time wasters for February 2011

Nothing wrong with giving it your best try Sometimes it just seems like Mission Impossible

Woman goes for no blinking worlds record Almost made it

We went out and asked a cat how they like the site Here's the response we got

Is it possible to get fired for doing too much work? Ask this guy

Talk about a cool job Pub Guy makes his 2,500 visit

Take a step back in time Weird Vintage Ads

This Ice Cream is so creamy, reminds me when I was young Breast Milk Ice Cream

Can you find the man in the Coffee Beans? Give it a try

Simple Eye Test Take it Now

Mouse Trap? Or Booby Trap?

Awesome night boys, smell my finger! VULVA Smell it whenever, wherever

Ordering Domino's Pizza every week is good for you It can save your life

Putting the crotch in crochet

Totally Cool 3D Phone

What's so funny? Long stabby thing

Sure could use one more beer Heading over to the drive thru liquor store

Ever wonder what a real life cat burglar looks like? Now's your chance to see one in action

People make the funniest faces Check it out

Have you seen the Dickhead He's in the pool

Have you ever reached the end of the internet? Check it out

Is anyone going to answer the phone? Hide the office in five seconds

This is just totally awesome The one and only Pool Table Baby

Order your Poo Poo Platter Special Today - Picked Fresh

Guy in wheelchair waiting for elevator Watch him get the shaft

My favorite time of the day, Lunch Time Hilarious baby commercial

Your shed been burglarized? Don't put wire on the windows, the burglars may get hurt

So what! wah wah, you are getting operated on I need these drugs more than you

ON A SERIOUS NOTE, THIS STORY IS AMAZING Woman Risks Her Life to Save Her Life

That wine is top shelf Well, it was a minute ago

If you ever decide to steal a safe You might want to make sure it's not empty

Why did you have to steal my snow shovel? Payback is sweet

Clean the snow off the roof of your vehicle? It could cause problems for other drivers

It's just amazing! Cat eats using hands

Ten of the most terrifying bridges on earth Take a look

Where's the missing Dollar? Can you find out where it went?

How big is the new Starbucks Trenta Holds an entire bottle of wine

Take a virtual tour of New York City Start your tour

All these urinals Do you have to use this one?

Heard of toilet training your cat What about a pig?

The true meaning of WTF Horse-Face Bikini Girl Meets Trombone Guy

The return of Pacman Girl laughs like Pacman

Women’s Emotions vs Mens What do you think

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