Time wasters for January 2011

Tired of the same depressing headlines Check out some funny ones

Apple is amazing, always coming out with new stuff iSuck Pacifier

You meet a hot girl, you are low on cash, what can you do? Steal the condom machine

How many pencils can you fit in your mouth? This guy does 92

If you are tired of the snow this season Why not move to Japan

Do you like a little privacy when using the urinal? Not getting it here

Woman rides mechanical bull Wait a minute that's no bull

What do you really think about me? e-cards with a different twist

What's that smell? I don't smell anything..got to go to the bank

How's your swing? Awesome Mini-Golf shot

What do you really think about me? e-cards with a different twist

Burglar snorts mans ashes Thought it was Cocaine

Put a curse on your neighbors For a low price of $6.66

Surrounded by a pack of Wolves Not a problem just blast wome Megadeth

Peeing in the urinal can be fun If you are in Tokyo

Sal gets called for jury duty and tries to get out of it. What a pussy

They censor everything these days Even a 25 year old Dire Straits song

Latest info on the mystery illness It's a orgasm allergy

Need an extra time for lunch? Find out how

Scorch gets a lap dance Boston Blazers Half Time

Who would dare to run a red light? With 513lbs of Weed in the Car

Don't let your kids miss too much school You may lose your Drivers License

Texting and Walking What's the problem?

When do you find time to study? 86 Teens Pregnant at one School

Hey you guys Hungry? Try some NASA Beef Pot Roast

Baby you are going to see stars Every time you look in the mirror

A one night stand with that Alien Dude And look what happens

The Changing of the Signs As in Zodiac Signs

Air Sex 2010 World Championships East Coast Regionals

I got you a vibrator for Christmas It's really da Bomb

Swedish Company's Logo How did this one get by?

What happens when you have a cool Vanity License Plate? The state takes it back

We have a hijacking situation in progress Its ok just spilled my coffee

Some people have too much money Billionaire builds $150,000 playhouse for his children

This could be the coolest stage Floating stage in Bregenz, Austria

You never know what you will find in the sewer system Look what these workers found

Popular Logos With Hidden Symbolisms

Did you want condoms with that? Drive-thru sex toy shop

Whats worse for you...smoking Or getting beat down with a rock?

Don't try this at home Daredevil Skiers In 60mph Car Tow

Just stopped in for a dozen donuts Find naked lady on floor yelling "eat me"

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