Time wasters for January 2012

Spiderwoman body paint Awesome
Mirrored Building Cool check it out
Time to get out of the house A woman travels the world to meet all her Facebook friends
Tired of your cable company? Talk to Angry Grandpa
How do you get in this place? Which door?
Really should of went for the second bathroom Are you done in there?
Is it me or is anyone else into a Willy Massage
Blow me! sure just buy me some chicken mcnuggets
Even the Porn sites participated in the Black out for SOPA Check it out
Hey you ripped me off on my crack I'm calling the police
Free clothes for the first 100 shoppers showing up in just their underwear :)
Photoshoot for childrens beachwear Who's that naked dude in the background?
Warning: Putting a Tattoo on your Penis may cause an erection Lasting Forever
Ronald McDonald not looking too great on New Years Exclusive Photo
You girls promised me a sandwich and all I got was a fondle I am calling 911
Dude catches fish that bites Men in the nuts
Another Alien Encounter Exclusive Photo
Get kicked out of the bar? Just hide in the Ladies room till closing time
Couple pulls up to McDonalds Drive Thru Showing off their McSausage and McMuffin
Sorry I trashed your BMW looking for the imaginary weed

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