Time wasters for July 2010


Getting Hungry?
Try some Spotted Dick

Funny Banned Bud Light Commercial
The Adult Magazine

You think it gets crowded at the train station
Take a look at the China train stations

I'm going to put a stocking over my face and go shopping
Why are all the people freaking out?

Summer is great, riding my motorcycle, wind blowing in my face.
Oh yeah that's what I'm talking about, I'm just Born to be Wild

Sue Simmons drops the F Bomb
Then makes an Apology

One thing we all agree on
Everyone loves an Italian Girl

Honey, please don't play with the gun
The Wife Gun Prank

Where are my keys?
Google them

Hungry for a snack?
Try some Zombie Bread

This guy must be fun to drink with
No way you can keep up with him

Just trying to get the printer to work
Now I'm pissed off

She was looking so hot last night
Nine Coronas Song

BP Spills Coffee
Check out how they clean it up

BP not too good with photoshop
Check out some of their work

Grab yourself a cold Pepsi
Play Pepsi Pinball

This is an oldie, but still funny
Dude copies his butt on the copy machine

Went on a date tonight
She forgot her glasses

Bring that lighter over here, I have a huge fart ready
Human Flame Thrower

They fixed the iphone antenna problem
No more duct tape needed

Who is Ana Chapman?
Isn't she that Hot Russian Spy

Some people think George Bush was the worse President ever
We asked George what he thought about that

They now have proof the spies were contacting Russia
Check out the exclusive photo

Took a trip down to the beach today
The water was so blue, check it out

The job at the water park didn't pay much
But it was still my favorite job

How many people can fit into a portable toilet?
Let's check and find out

Girls having a good time at their picnic
Some ass has to ruin the Kodak moment

Hey Baby, I hear you like your women hairy
Come on over and get some of this

It was just another night of drinking for Edmund. This time he had one too many.
The next morning he promised himself he would quit drinking

Smart Marketing IQ Test
20 Questions to test your knowledge

Oh No, its PMS time again
Try some of this

Always one that wants to stand out from the crowd
The one that just has to be different

Dad those girls are jailbait
Just keep flipping those burgers

Hi girls I am glad to see you
Take a look at my Chubbie

Diversity is a good thing
Our differences should be celebrated not feared

I had a feeling someone was using my computer while I was at work.
I was right...check it out

Feeling Hungry for a sandwich, but too lazy to make it
Just Pop open a canned sandwich

What a cheap effective way to slow people down
Speed Control in Canada

This is one messed up prank
The water trap prank

For all you pepper lovers, you ever try these?
Red Hot Chili Dicks

Don't you just hate it when someone hogs two parking spots
This guy tops that and hogs 4 spots

Occasionally I will post something serious.
Here you go, this is such a cool story.
Dog named Faith

Ladies, We have information on how to please your man
For your convenience it is broken down into one stick figure drawing

Guys, I found this video that will educate you on folding a shirt
Please try to pay attention

Take me to the 25th floor..Express
Useful Elevator Trick..give it a try

Take me out to the ball game featuring Lady Gaga
Going Goo Goo Gaga and saluting the crowd

It's a bird, no it's a plane, it's a blimp...not sure what it is
World's biggest condom

How do you like my ink?
Thinking about getting another one, not sure where I want it

Read the text
Count how many F's

Hey Mutley open the door
There's a whole lot of pussy out here

Wheel of Fortune
Unintentional Phrases

You want a picture of me
I'm taking it now, I just shaved

The drive thru safari is always fun
Did you just feel the car shake?

Your house is nice
But my bus is better than your house

Financial Planning Tip of the Day
The Car is Cheaper in the Long Run

Here's some weird restroom signs
Check them out

I like to drink and drive
Oh did I mention I just got my new personal plates

Message from Obama
I'd like to tap that

Where to put your beer while fishing?
Cool Beer Holder

The Perfect Woman
She comes with a removable head

This is funny in the movies, not so much in real life
Worst Ambulance ride ever

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