Time wasters for July 2011

Skittles - The Sweetest Honeymoon Ever WARNING - A Little over the edge
Are you Nearsighted? Take the test
Victim runs ad in newspaper to apologize to robber Payback is sweet
Man used loophole to pay 16 dollars for a 330,000 house
Meet the woman that has 200 Orgasms per day
Double Rainbow Over Manhattan
World's steepest roller coaster opens in Japan Take a look
This is how you should quit your job at Taco Bell
If you are arresting me for an open container Why not finish it
We need these in all the train stations Slide in if you are running late
What happened to the Guard Dog? Someone stole him
BREAKING NEWS-Beavis and Butt-Head return this October Catch a Sneak Peek
Alcohol May Have Played a Role In Alligator Theft you think?
Son doesn't want to play Yahtzee kills his mother
Massive Marijuana Plantation in Mexico Check it out
New Mexico man serving up his own yogurt semen tainted
Check out this mugshot FU tattooed on his forehead
Man wore pasta strainer for driving license photo
The most bizarre chewing gum commercial Check it out
Check out this playground Scary and Creepy
Woman cuts off husbands weiner then puts it in garbage disposal
Don't panic just because you are locked in an Underwater Elevator
World's steepest roller coaster opens in Japan Check it out
UFO's Near Dust Storm Phoenix, Arizona USA 6th July 2011
Girl shows how easy it is to fake an orgasm Still not sure if it was real or not
Hey boys did you get my phone number take one
Prison Suitcase escape FAIL
This urinal was photographed at Rheinfels Castle in Germany I'll probably just go outside
America’s First Transparent Car to Be Sold for Half a Million Dollars Check it out
China opens 26.4 mile long Qingdao Haiwan Bridge World's longest over sea bridge
New Yorker left a receipt with a balance of almost $100 million Take a look
Lady gets head stuck in bus door Got to check this one out
Authorities say body found in public pool went undetected for days
This is why older women shouldn't sunbath in the nude (CARTOON)

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