Time wasters for June 2010

There's magic under the park
Walt Disney World underground tunnel

This guy is good with the ladies
Until they mention their boyfriends

It's hard to see with this hat on
Kid bounces off bumper

I just like to relax while I get my haircut
Out of my chair Perv

Weird Chocolate Art
WARNING: AKA Chocolate Porn

Here's one reason why you shouldn't drink too much
Ride Em Cowboy

Meet the Finalists
Miss Cripy Creme

I'm glad you are growing your nails
Can you scratch my back?

Look your dog wants to play
This is so embarrassing get him out of here

Subliminal messages are everywhere
Tits and Ass Beer

A clip from the game show Catchphrase in which the partially hidden clue in the background looks a little kinky
Got to check this one out...Really Funny

A nice hot shower sounds good
Bloody Shower Prank

Hey where did my flip flops go?
And I'm not drunk

They all agree on one thing
They love Poosie

You shouldn't really mess with anyone that serves you food
Employee of the month

This could be how Spider Man came about
How do I get a spider out of my vagina

Which one of you hooked up with the cow?
WTF is that an alien

My buddy went for an interview and didn't get the job
Look who they hired with no experience

The facts and nothing but the facts
50 Interesting Facts

BREAKING NEWS: The truth about Obama's Signature
You have to see it to believe it

They found Bigfoot
This time they have a picture to prove it

Check out the lastest Cornfield Art
Made by the too high on Cocaine Dude

You better save your energy for when you get in the gym
Take the esculator to the door

There are so many uses for Duct Tape
Redneck Birth Control

That's bogus I got a ticket for obstructed view
What do you think?

Big sale at the electronics store
No way to beat this crowd

Guys be prepared for those sudden mood swings
Mood Lip Gloss

It's the weekend and you know what that means
Russian Nerds Party

Hey you bunch of boobs
Down Here

Shrek drops a load
Mint Ogre-load

Looks like a case of double vision
The Human Mirror Project

Honey you were at the car wash everyday this week
Just want to make sure the car is clean

Hey far out man
Check out my ride

This little piggy went to market
This little piggy...huh?

Need to dry off
Check out these cool towels

You ever feel like someone is watching you when you are using the public toilet?
You just might in this one

That kid that collects the shopping carts
Has too much time on his hands

Some people say Bananas are a sexy fruit
What do you think?

Coming this fall...Season Premiere
Very Horny Doctors

Check out these shirts
Cool T-Shirt Idea

The results are in
Looking at boobs can add years to your life

Lots of humping going on
Check out the little humpers

These people think they are the live of the party
What do you think?

I lost my dog
Can anyone find him

You can never be too safe
Protect yourself with the full body condom

Take our picture
What's Woody doing in the picture?

Take a taste of this
Reported gets beer shower

The night was going great
Until I looked in the mirror (Adult Cartoon)

Oh yeah
That's what I'm talking about

We should all really drink more milk
Girls covered in milk..Russian Milk Ads

What's up with this plant?
Really not sure

Finally something that makes sense
Beer Fountain

The perfect landing
Bird lands in cleavage

If you like big women?
This ones for you

The 2009 movie "Knowing" predicts Oil Rig Explosion in Gulf of Mexico
Weird Coincidence

If you are 30 or over you should find this funny
Growing up without a cell phone

Your lesson for the day
Five Facts about the Female Anatomy

Remember when you would walk around saying.....
Pull my finger

You need a shoe shine?
Stop by and see the twins

How are you at following instructions? I hear you suck at it.
Click and follow the instructions

Finally they figured it out!
Bar and Laundry

Take a good look
Has anyone seen the rapist?

Meet Norma Stitz
The world's largest natural breasts

Catch me if you can!
Amazing Police Chase

Attention Walmart Shoppers
Big Butt Special

Is this guy the coolest or what?
Check out his pickup method

Someone stole my car
I found it, didn't recognize it with the snow on it

Crazy dog ready for some action
Tony Tiger gets humped

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