Time wasters for June 2011

Pub serving up shots of guess what apple flavoured horse semen
Man stops and asks girls for directions to nude beach He has no pants on
110 year old light bulb still working Amazing check it out
For all the Spongebob/ACDC fans SpongeBob's got big balls
Man robs a bank for a $1 just to get on the jailhouse medical plan Check out his story
Club Orange Commercial The best bits in the world
Hey it's your turn to hide Man hides in Portable Toilet
Dude throws weed out the car window and it lands on Police Cruiser
Coming to an arcade near you Wack-A-Weiner
Prisoner escape plan worked out great Until he knocked on a guards door
McDonalds Serving Stuff you probably never heard of Check it out
No Nooky Tonight Man arrested after throwing shoes at wife after she refuses sex
Dude totally disrupts interview What's his deal, check it out
Girl attempts to take picture Works better when the camera is facing the right direction
The machine that destroys everything Check out the Awesome Shredder
Jack the Cat is locked out of the house No problem letting himself in
Websites that sound dirty Unintentionally dirty URLs
Crane Crushes House While trying to lift Hot Tub over it
By now we all saw the google logo guitar Guy with really good voice plays Beatles song
Reporter Drops accidental F-bomb Check it out
Fan catches foul ball in popcorn bucket Check out this amazing event
New $105 million courthouse The Glass Staircase not Dress Friendly
Anthony Weiner Apologizes to his "Staff" Awesome Jimmy Fallon Skit
Cool Illusion: Stare at the dot Then check out the black and white photo
Dreaming about a dip in a chrystal clear pool 13 Natural Swimming Pools
Party Spins Out of Control After Facebook Flub Over 1500 people show up at the party
64 year old teacher punches student in the face All Charges Dropped
Rammstein performs Du Hast on Jimmy Kimmel Live Only one word AWESOME
This could be the worse playground idea Check it out
Get your name included on a microchip aboard the Rover heading to Mars Closes June 13
Guy cuts cucumbers by throwing regular playing cards
Dana attempts a back flip on live TV and fails not once But Twice
Marilyn Monroe photos found at garage sale still a mystery Check them out
Fat Girl singing on table And Falls Off
Non-stop party taking place within the revolving Hilton hotel doors Check it out
Hot Girl Wears Creepy Baby Mask Takes Creepy to a new level
Young Japanese Girl Turns Into Old Man Cool Prank
Get the blue boxes, avoid the red dots. Cool and Addicting Game
Shoppers are asked to shoot a dart on a magic wheel Dart in the back prank
Men love to check out cleavage To prove it this woman set up a cleavage cam
Scary Girl in Hotel Hallway Prank Watch the people freak out

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