Time wasters for March 2011

WTF? Grudge Prank

Were you talking to me? I was on my Blue Tooth

Where's my reflection? Mirror Prank

Waiting to the last minute to do your taxes? Sometimes it pays big to do it a little early

Who's that knocking at the door..Freddie Krueger? Real Life Sleepover Nightmare

Smells like ass Smellivision Reality TV

Got pulled over today by Officer Jugs

How relaxing a nice walk in the woods Cool Practical Joke

Bowler needs one more strike Find out if he gets it

You have such a dirty mind Clean up your act and check out these pics

Britain's Biggest Baby Ever 12 lb 8 oz

What's up with Ronald McDonald? He's now accused of bitch slapping someone

We were able to find the diaries of a cat and dog They were somewhat different

Ever wonder what pigeons do in their spare time? Check it out

This takes PMS to a new level Dude gets the step children bit off

I got your McRib right here Dirty Ronald

And now for your musical enjoyment... Piano Pooch

Hero of the day Man drives burning tanker away from gas station

When I met her she was wearing a turtle neck Never saw the ink

Join the fight against high gas prices Why not launch a steamer in the tank

Man steals $238,000 from a airplane cargo area Find out how he did it

If I told you to go jump off a bridge would you do it Why not

Who better to guard your pot Gator Guard

Let's go grab a taco and some live entertainment Tranny Brawl at the Taco joint

Look in the sky..it's a bird, it's a plane It's Sexy SuperGirl

Check out this awesome house Made from a Boeing 727 Plane

The winter really did a number on the roads The ultimate pothole

Ever build a car out of play doh? Did it look like this?

Monkey and Sand Girl Midnight Spanks Advertisement

Who's running a lawnmower at midnight? Nobody that's the cat

Got bit by a spider today Now they call me Woody

Charlie Sheen was spotted at the beach today Take a look

We have all heard of Road Rage How about Cup Cake Rage?

Don't these two make a cute couple? Baby Hippo and Tortoise

Charlie Sheen Winning Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Is it really the end of the world in 2012? The truth about the Mayan Calendar

When asked are you still on drugs? ,Charlie Sheen's dog replied No, just Chihuahua Loco!

What do you mean I can't use the bathroom? Here's what I think of that

Could this be true? Family Guy is The Office

Want to eat for free? Take the challenge

Getting ready for the prom? Doritos Prom Dress

Charlie Brown and Charlie Sheen From Jimmy Kimmel

Hey, you dropped something Mannequin Head Prank

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