Time wasters for May 2011

Pussy Massage Not what your dirty mind is thinking
Who's your favorite Super Hero? If it's Batman you may find this disturbing
Doesn't get any cooler than this, or does it? Parakeet Balances on a Tennis Ball
Some things just don't sound right Millionaire Blooper
I know you have been waiting a long time Home Alone House for Sale
It's time to watch the Boxer Stair Surf
Dirt Devil The Exorcist
Time to vacuum the rug Dirt Devil Commercial
What's up with the kids toys? The Punisher
Cop shoots himself in foot During a gun safety class
This ever happen to you? Man falls up escalator
Hey you stole my parking space! The Ultimate Parking Space Revenge
How to make people paranoid while they shop at Target
OOPS, My Bad Sorry about the TV
Scary the Snowman Visits New York
Watch the girl in the background Pick and Eat
Excuse me, can you watch my baby for a minute? Street Babysitter Prank
2 Woman fighting in the Grocery Store Aisle That's Hot
Lesson for the Day How not to steal beer
Bacon, Bacon, Bacon Talking Dog
Why does my nose drip? When I'm trying to report the news
I'm thirsty too! Dog not sharing the water fountain
Nothing worse than beer wasted Cubs Fan Fail
People have been getting pies in the face for years and it's still funny
Can you just move the car? I'm stuck in the porta john Funny Police Prank
Should of handled the situation a little different Mother runs over Daughter
What men do when they see an attractive woman? Caught Staring
Very Scary Situation Stuck on an Escalator
What shoes did Lady GaGa wear to American Idol Take a Look
Jackie Chan has nothing on this dude Kung Fu Baby
For all the cat lovers Lady has 130 cats
Exclusive Photo Just In Where they really found Bin Laden
Baby Laughing in Slow Motion
SNL - The Situation Room Obama talks about Bin Laden
I'm doing my newscast from the Snow Tube Races Check it out
What's wrong you afraid of snakes? Reporter Freaks
Dude are you going to throw the stick or what? Or just sit there like a statue
Don't worry about filling my water bowl Cat gets his own drink of water
Did you see that? Ghost in Mirror Prank
Run while you have the chance!! It's a cat in a tank
With all the weird stuff on the internet Did you ever think it would come to this?
Have you ever setup dominoes then pushed them over? How many did you do?
It's a story of two friends Fum and Gebra
Road Rage gone wild Car gets flipped
Would you mind taking our picture? Japanese Girls Prank
Where's my Pizza? Make it now!
Have you noticed that people are eating way too much? When SuperSized isn't big enough
Honey can you go to the bank for me? I'm at the drive thru now
You know it's a bad day if your trip to the car wash ends up like this
How to wash your car with only one bucket of water Find out how
In some situations Every second counts
Even the Biker Gangs are getting hit hard By the Recession
Make you own Simpsons character with the one and only Simpsomaker
Talk Show Host Gives Out Attitude Adjustments
Take a trip back in time Disneyland's Grand Opening
Incredible Artwork on an Etch a Sketch
This Wii Skiing is fun Check it out
Are these McDonalds? No but they could fool you
Justin Bieber with egg on his face Well..Almost
Now for my next act I will attempt a backflip
The new diet is going good You think I lost any weight?
Hey lady you in that much of a hurry Have a nice trip
Cool Story of the Day Helicopter Pilot saves deer

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