Time wasters for November 2010

I love these swings Push Harder, I want to go higher

Bad Choice for an In Flight Movie Check it out

Hey everybody I just passed my drivers test Check out my parking skills

This is not good My Mom is on Facebook!

Acting like this will add some time to your sentence Man Attacks Bailiff in Court

TSA's Enhanced Screening Pat Down Procedures Funny SNL Skit

Falling asleep at the movies? This is for you...Caffeinated Popcorn

Should of used spell check Misspelled Billboards

Close call for this guy crossing the street Watch out for that bus!

Watch me cross this train track before the train goes by I have it timed just perfect

TSA is causing some long lines at the airport Check it out for yourself

Proposal at the Baseball Game..How romantic NOT! Take a Look

You want your salad, I got it right here Macho Salad

Girl has bizzare relationship..with who you ask? The Door

Some Clocks do more than just tell time The Ultimate World Clock

Keep it in your pants Catchy Little Tune by Taryn Southern

Are you good at guessing ages? Give it a try, let's see how good you really are

Not having a good time Fat Kid on a Rollercoaster

Located on the top of the Las Vegas Stratosphere, Over 1,000 feet high Thrill Rides

Amazing Wheel of Fortune Moment 1 Letter Guess

All tickets to the big game are sold out. How about a handjob on the hill?

Airport Security All hot chicks must be searched

We need help on this case Bring in the Sperm Detector

You've been waiting a long time, actually since 2009 The McDonald's Calendar

Scarface The Mini Version

I stuck my neck out for you WTF?

You aren't getting into the Playboy Mansion But you can die trying

This kid is awesome Six Year Old Skateboarder

Japan sets a World's Record For what you ask...Largest Orgy

These kids are a little crazy Hanging out on a 900 foot tower

Cat jumping on the counter? You need the motion detector blender

Hairy Armpits Funny Prank

Sexual Messages The Unintentional Kind

Stopping for a bite to eat Don't let the name stop you

I'm tired think I'll take the Escalator World's shortest escalator

Girl really having fun with her cam The special effects are great

William Shatner Sings F**k You

You thirsy? Try the bacon flavored soda

You really shouldn't text while driving What about multitasking?

Planning your dream wedding? How about a McD's Wedding

You like old cartoons? Anyone remember these?

This is one cool cat Gives Boob Massages

Christmas Shopping Idea Roadkill Toys

Rare Tasmanian Tiger pelt bought at Garage Sale
Good News it's worth lots, Bad News you can't sell it

Strange jobs you never knew existed Where do I apply?

You like reading the newspaper Check out these Headlines

Downloading songs can get expensive 62K per song

Play a game of Snake This will waste some more of your time

I don't like having neighbors Found myself the perfect house

Yoga class is ready to begin What are you girls laughing about?

Hello customer service Does my cell phone have teacher insurance?

Myths about the Human Body Are they true?

The car is in the garage What garage?

How much for the shitty coffee? Only 30 Dollars a cup

Hang out with the twins Salon in Australia Offers Topless Hairdressers

Take the Multiple Choice Quiz Only 2 seconds to answer each question

What's in a name? These names sound dirty

If you are a fan of topless skydiving check it out If not skip this one!

Vintage Ads that would be banned today Check them out

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