Time wasters for November 2011

This takes practicing Safe Sex to a new level Can't make this stuff up!
Pedestrian Roller Coaster Located in Germany
Fat Man screams for his chicken sandwich Funny stuff!
World's Rudest Optical Illusion Get your mind out of the gutter and take a look. :-)
Can the iPad survive a fall Sure even at 1300 feet
World's largest 3D Painting Awesome!
I'm hungry...what's in the fridge? Don't touch that two year old alien
PMS is very real Customer rams Taco Bell with wheelchair
Teacher charged with Dishonorable Discharge In the Classroom
Dude gets DUI Check out the shirt he was wearing
Herman Cain's revised 9-9-9 plan Take a look
Have you ever sent a message to the wrong number? Next time be more careful
This dude thought he had the most awesome tattoo until he ended up in prison
Cool Invisible Bridge in Netherlands Check it out
You would't catch me up there Glass Bottomed Walkway in China..4K feet up
People are always seeing faces in stuff How about a face in a testicle?
What happened to old fashion drinking from the bottle? Vodka soaked tampons
Gorgeous Clown Optical Illusion
Real close lightning strike Captured on video
Anybody interested in a Horny Pool Party?
Cool costume, what is it? BonerSaurus
Who's that at the door? Cat learns to use doorbell
The World's Smallest Horse Check it out
What a cool idea Wine Pumping Station
This dude should walk before it's too late Bride texting while getting married

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