Time wasters for October 2010

Ever wonder what the male brain looks like? Check it out

Super Creepy Work Safety Video You'll want to stay home after watching

Handicapped man rams his wheelchair into the elevator And gets the shaft

Are you short sighted? Take the Test Now

If we had an Italian President from NJ It Might go something like this

Time Traveler With Cell Phone in 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film Check it out

Don't try this at home Fireworks in the bathtub

Did you check out the weather forecast? Penis Storm on the way

Money buys lots of stuff Even a Semen Necklace

Not just about candy Facts about Halloween

Four Perfectly Round Circles Are they really?

This guy must like the game Monopoly Life Size Monopoly House

Ever wish you could get faster internet speeds Now you can

Walmart Fans Take a peek inside a Chinese Walmart

Order in the Court Courtroom Brawl

Russian Drunk Yoga Have another drink it gets easier

It's Mother Humper Dog Humps Lady

Check out these pictures You have such a dirty mind

Looks like yarn porn to me Pink Spanker

Went for my driving test today Hope I passed

Time to check the #%$ weather Weather man with Tourettes

Stuck for hours in an elevator With Diarrhea

Could this be a Time Traveler in this 1940 photo? What do you think?

Give it a try. Not even sure if it's possible. Nude Celebrity Apple Rescue

What's in a name? 25 Horribly Awesome Names

What part of your body is bigger now than when you were sixteen?
Funny Family Feud Clip

Wow, the Japanese take the prank shows up to a new level. Cruel Prank Show

If you are a fan of long tongues, you'll like this Girls with long tongues

This isn't going to hurt much Woman freaks over tattoo

Now for your local News Girl picking nose in background

Tiny Tunes Banned Cartoon - One Beer Made to show the dangers of alcohol

What floor you going to? Smellevator-Fart Joke Prank

Who's in that stall? Women's Bathroom Fart Prank

What ever happened to the door to door vacuum salesman?
Now they have the door to door weed salesman

Please stay back PMS Zone

I don't have a drinking problem I drink, I fall down, no problem

Clever Advertising What's your favorite sign?

Just paying my toll What's up with all the beeping?

Those shirts are tight Looks lke you painted them on

Just when my noodle was starting to get hard Sexy Japanese Commercial

If you are old enough to remember the Drive In Movies
10 minute intermission clock

What's up Doc? Bugs Bunny Cartoon from 1942
Check out his package as he gets out of the shower

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