Time wasters for October 2011

The home birth of a Pumpkin
Awesome Japanese School Buses Check them out
Johnny we caught you playing with your pee pee On live tv
Honda's are known to go many miles How about a million
Someone left the news directors mic on check it out
Sexually Exhausted Husband seeks Police Protection
The wait is over Electric Delorean to be released in 2013
Insane jump from hotel balcony into the pool
Puma came to visit the cat Check it out
A Bad Lip Reading of Obama Trick The Bridesmaid
Jump out what's the problem? Dog Stuck in Bathtub
Just Wasting Time Baby Baby Bears checking out hammock
Help we are lost in the corn maze I'll call 911
Waitress exposes rude tipper online Good idea but wrong guy
Soup to Nuts or what we like to call it Soup Can to the Balls
A little tricky, just have to look at it the right way Cool Magic Eye Pics
Just think of the fun you can have with this Mask of your own face
Check out the Hyundai Azera Pedal Powered
Guy hoses down interior of his brand new Mercedes-Benz CLS350 Take a look
Before all the funny cat videos There were Action Cats!
World's most crooked street Check it out!
You guys like Metallica? Take a listen to Mini Metallica
What if computer problems were real? Here's how it would go down
Skeleton Taxi and Bike Prank Funny Stuff :--)
That's one juicy tomato Check it out
Can you believe it? Movie makes woman pregnant
Girl riding the Baloney Pony at the Ballgame This is an oldie but still good
Hey pick up that dog poop or I'll pick it up and wipe it on you!
Breast implant saves woman from angry husband with knife
What would be a good name for a Super Hero How does Rude Nude Dude sound
What a nice Tortoise He likes when you pet him
Angry Call of Duty Dad attacks teen who shot him
Tired of high gas prices, poop alot? This may interest you
Bear grabs a quick snack in the Pizza Place
Nice woman gives homeless dude $5 WTF, she takes it back!
Dog shows off his skills Basketball & Volleyball
Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the micro pig Check out the two bro's
Dude robs same bank three days in a row
The Great Dog Escape Check it out

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