Time wasters for September 2010

Katy Perry Too Hot for Sesame Street
They pull her from show

We all can use a Handjob
This is a real commercial

Bleacher Collapse in Brazil
500 people were on it when it happened

That was a close call
That's what these people are saying

Robbery in progress...we're on our way. Suspects still in building.
Which way did they go George, which way did they go?

Who said women can't drive?
Check it out for yourself

I forgot the words, things can't get any worse
I guess they could if I fall down

Where's my chips?
Right there on your plate

Stopped to use the portable toilet, came back out the wrong door?
Toilet Prank

Cool, there's a spot, choice parking
I'll just squeeze right in

Mascot falls off rail
Lands on his crotch

Staying with the beat
Trumpet Player Faints

The iphone is great for sharing news with the family
Face Time - Big News Parody

Here comes Mom with the birthday cake
Be Careful don't drop it

Hey everybody look who it is
The Balloon Popping Dog

What time is it?
Wedgie time

How do you like the pool?
The water smells a little fishy

Find out who your real friend is
This experiment really works

Went out and bought a new door stop
Works Great

I like some privacy when I use the public toilets.
I didn't get much here

Best Invention ever was the Post-its
You can even make a bikini out of them

Women don't like to refer to their bodies as fat anymore.
The new word is "Homer Simpson Body"

With all the missing children in town
Robert's neighbors never suspected him

This is why some people shouldn't own guns.
Redneck Target

Word for the day - Teratoma
A type of tumor that can grow teeth & hair

Be considerate when using your phone in public
Center of Phone Etiquette

You heard of Wax On, Wax Off
How about Rock On, Pants Off

If you aren't sure about something
All you have to do is take notes

Test your knowledge of words
And help end hunger

There's an app for everything these days
The iphone boob app

A Pool in New York for everyone, but where would you put it?
The Floating Pool..Great Idea

Go to Google and type in google gravity and press I'm feeling lucky
Google Gravity

Like to play pool?
Check out this short instructional video

Is this a real child?
Little Too Creepy

Man drives 55 miles in the wrong direction, crashes 5 police roadblocks
What's his deal?

Going fishing?
I hear the Potomac River has some big ones

Don't want everyone to hear you dropping logs
Masking Toilet Noise

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