Time wasters for September 2011

For a fun time and a fake girlfriend All you have to do is text this number

Did someone punk city council Where's Mike Hunt?

Chinese acrobat climbs stairs on his head Amazing check it out!!

Driver pulls over flips off cop and pees Check out the video

Downhill Tricycle Racing 55MPH Speeds

It's your special day, head over to Walmart to get married

Japanese Popcorn Popper Pops all the kernels at the same time

How does a drunk guy exit the fun house? with a struggle

If you like roller coasters and are suicidal this may interest you

The cable guy is coming today chokes his chicken in womans living room

But I need my thumb for work Just replace it with my toe

Here he is.. The worlds most pierced man

How many kids fit in a minivan? at least 60

Can't even afford the dollar menu Mcdonalds free menu

Hang Gliding and puking

Bad day, could of been worse Unusual truck accident on bridge

Dude what happened last night? weatherman wakes up in hot tub next to dead man

Pets have been known to cause some property damage check it out for yourself

Hey a bikini beauty pageant for Pregnant women

Gumby tries to rob store Clerk thinks its a joke

Orange Looks Like A Female’s Privates Orangina

Woman survives her night out in a collapsed chair

Having a bad day at work? Just want to curse someone out? You need the Scream Room

Do you have what it takes to keep up Ultimate Batting Practice

Human Slingshot Slip and Slide (Video)

What would you do if a bear was going to eat your dog? Punch him in the nose

New memory stick Doubles as a sex toy

Looking for a new car? Batmobile for sale on eBay

Inappropriate Restaurant Names Check it out

Wouldn't it be nice to smoke, drink and text in the movies Now you can

Ohio man had sex with inflatable raft Thought the inflatable pumpkin was bad

Video set up to nab graffiti vandals Catches cop having sex

"Safe For Work" Porn what will they come up with next?

People born before 1946 were called The Silent generation
People born between 1946 and 1964 are called The Baby Boomers
People born between 1965 and 1979 are called Generation X
And people born between 1980 and 2010 are called Generation Y

Why do we call the last group Generation Y?

Y should I get a job?
Y should I leave home and find my own place?
Y should I get a car when I can borrow yours?
Y should I clean my room?
Y should I wash and iron my own clothes?
Y should I buy any food?


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