I want to report a drunk driver..that be me
Mother wants to beat son with hammer
A Couple Good Ones
Cop has too much Pot
Burger King Call
The Viagra Call
Dispatcher had it with stupid calls
Taco Emergency
Wife attacked by a WortHog
Help with Math Homework
Child In Car Calls 911 On Drunk Mom
Lady stuck in Car
The McNugget Call
Please open my beer
Burger King runs out of lemonade
Stuck on Train Tracks
Marijuana Call
Man Hits Deer Phone Call
Sons Messy Room
Joe McCain calls 911 about a traffic jam
Pool Sex
911 Operator Hangs Up On Girl
Woman Calls 911 to Report Loose Cows
Woman Calls 911 to bring back the cute guy for a date
Police Strip Search Innocent Woman - OHIO - October 2006

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